Thursday, March 22nd: How to Raise Money for Your Next Creative Project

Crowd-Funding: It Takes a Village to Raise a Budget
Museum of Chinese in America (215 Centre St., Manhattan)
$10 in advance

You have a great idea and the skills to make it happen. There’s just one thing missing–the money! Luckily, you’re surrounded by friends and supporters who want to help out. Join this discussion on crowdfunding and on getting your audience invested in your project from the beginning.

Based on the case study of cARTwheel Initiative’s IndieGoGo campaign by founder Ashok Sinha. With discussants Natalia Duong (artistic director, Project Agent Orange), Theresa Loong (director, “Every Day is a Holiday”), and Joyce Manalo (founding curator, FABnyc ArtUp and ArtForward). Moderated by Matthew Deleget (founder, Minus Space).