Sunday, March 18th: Dani Leventhal and Samita Sinha: Salt

Dani Leventhal and Samita Sinha: Salt
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

This evening will start with a captivating solo vocal performance by Samita Sinha and then Dani Leventhal will present three acclaimed recent short videos.

Vocalist/composer Samita Sinha and video artist Dani Leventhal met at Bard in 2008, and since 2009 they have been working side-by-side and in collaboration. In their collaborations, Leventhal makes videos in which Sinha performs and/or creates sound. In their side-by-side practice, Sinha sings and sounds while Leventhal draws. They take inspiration from each other’s images and sounds, allowing their creative practices, which are generally solo and rather singular, to become permeable to each other’s influence and energy. Both work from a place of intuition and make work that is deeply embodied.