Saturday, March 17th: And You Do What for a Day/Night Job?

And You Do What for a Day/Night Job?
Cuchifritos (120 Essex St., Manhattan)
Barter, registration required

Walt Whitman was a nurse, Philip Glass drove a cab, and Adele worked in a record store right after she won her first Grammy. …And you do what for a day/night job? This class will be a dialogue about what people do for their day/night jobs and the emotions associated with those choices. Is it more legitimate if an emerging artist is a barista, dog walker, or administrative assistant? Or some combination of the three? Or is it more inspiring if she has a more rigorous day gig like creative director of an advertising agency or doctor? Are decisions made just about paying the rent? Is it about staying connected to one’s art? Or another purpose? The class will include multimedia excerpts from philosopher Alain de Botton, the Brian Lehrer radio show, 60 Minutes, and the MADE HERE project. And if you missed, it we’ll begin with a discussion about this recent opinion piece in the NYT from a writer afflicted with “The Barista’s Curse.”