Friday, March 16th: Knit & Crochet for Habitat for Humanity

Knit & Crochet for Habitat for Humanity
World Financial Center (200 Vesey St., Manhattan)

WFC In The Loop will be partnering with Habitat For Humanity – New York to donate all of this year’s projects to twelve deserving families who will become first-time homeowners in 2012. We’re beginning with kitchen accessories, and will continue to work our way through the rooms of a home as 2012 unravels.

New for 2012: We have committed to providing a certain number of projects to the Habitat – NYC families in 2012. To ensure we are able to fulfill our commitments, all projects will need to be signed out with your name and phone number.

Please bring your own needles; we will provide the yarn & instruction!

Knit Mini Market Tote
24″ Size 9 Circular Needle

Crochet Tote
Size “I” Crochet Hook

Crochet Felted Potholders
Size “K” Crochet Hook

Knit Felted Oven Mitt
Size 11 Circular and Double-Pointed Needles

Knit Placemats
Size 8 Needles and/or Size 8 “H” Crochet Hook