Tuesday, March 13th: Tohoku Post 3.11: What’s Happening Now

Tohoku Post 3.11: What’s Happening Now
Japan Society (333 E. 47th St., Manhattan)
$12 in advance

It’s been one year since the devastating earthquake and tsunamis hit the Tohoku region of Japan, and many dedicated nonprofit organizations remain hard at work on the recovery and reconstruction of the region. Three NPO leaders, Hitoshi Abe, co-founder of Archi+Aid and Chair and Professor, Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA; Keiko Kiyama, Secretary General of JEN; and Haruo Miyagi, Founder and President, ETIC, speak on the challenges they face and the future of Tohoku. Moderated by Ken Belson, Business Reporter, The New York Times. Followed by a reception.

Note: In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan’s northeast coast on March 11, 2011, Japan Society established the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Due to the incredible generosity of not only New Yorkers, but Americans from all 50 states and people from around the world, Japan Society currently supports the work of 13 NGOs working to revitalize and rebuild Tohoku, including Archi+Aid, ETIC and JEN.

Part of ONE YEAR LATER: Commemorating the One-Year Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami.