Monday, March 12th: The Biology of Cancer

The Biology of Cancer
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$11, registration required

In the preceding two centuries, cancer has gone from an illness spoken of only in surgical texts to a household word, a political movement, and a media by-word for suffering. But what is it, why does it arise so persistently and perniciously in all populations, and how can we address it?

This course will survey the basic biological mechanisms by which cancer arises, and why it is an inevitable consequence of long-life and good healthcare. In this context, we will be able to better discuss what sort of treatments have arisen, what’s likely to be on the horizon, and how to interpret claims of “The new cure for cancer!”

No background in the sciences is needed, and everyone is welcome. Lecture will be led by a former breast cancer bio guy, now a public health graduate student at the Boston University School of Public Health.