Monday, March 12th: Illuminating the Illuminating: A Lecture on the Moon

Illuminating the Illuminating: A Lecture on the Moon
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

+ stick around for Dave Godowsky after

What is going on with the Moon? This “second-city” of celestial bodies continues to confound humanity some 6000 years into our spiritual quest through time and space with profound questions: What is it made of? Where does it come from? Why does it wax and wane? And does it follow any set pattern at all? Unlike the Sun, whose very reliability has made it the paragon of stars, with countless religions and cultural monuments dedicated to its trustworthiness, the Moon’s haphazard performance, evident recklessness, and self-indulgent caprice have effectively limited its appeal to crackpots, maniacs, and female ethno-hippies throughout the ages. Join Jamie Hook for a lecture that promises to shed light on this misunderstood satellite, with reference to history, aesthetics, metaphysics, and of course sex.

Jamie Hook is a socially omnivorous urban dandy who makes his home in Greenpoint. A filmmaker, theatre director, and writer, Mr. Hook lives by his wits and his keen eye for the odd and interesting. The OCD Lecture Series offers him a venue to display all of his marvelous urban finds. You should also know that he likes pickles, hot sauce, and red wine in that order. He has previously lectured on topics (and substances) including The Artist Barry White; Pigeon Slums; Japanese Artificial Vagina Technologies; and (memorably) Salvia.