Sunday, March 11th: Moviehouse : vvitalny: Po Prostu Milosz

Moviehouse : vvitalny: Po Prostu Milosz
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)
7pm doors & food, 8pm films

A very special presentation of a fascinating poetry/video/trace your roots kind of show from our friends at vvitalny. Join us for an evening of re-invention, interaction and some really good poetry. Oh, and there will be borscht. Because you can’t host a remotely Polish event without it.

“I am a problem…I am problem. Like the bear and the shark and the wind.”
– Bob Holman

Po Prostu Milosz is a series of videos in which vvitalny explores the politics of writing and the “Polish school of poetry” through conversations – about legendary Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz – with leading American poets Bob Holman, Jane Hirshfield and Robert Pinsky. These videos form the nucleus of a larger multimedia project where the anxiety of influence is a legacy we celebrate. It begins with the poetry of Miłosz, which echoes in the work of following generations of American poets. Their work, in turn, informs our work in video, as well as the work of Warsaw Philharmonic’s Tomek Januchta, whose original music accompanies these videos. The project itself is actually an online “art game”, which serves as a platform to explore the use of (new) media to remix these influences, and to create collaborations were none existed before.