Give Me Coffee. Exclamation Point.

Down a street called Roebling, recessed behind a coffee front so named Gimme! Coffee (107 Roebling St., Brooklyn), is an unassuming room and coffee cove. There, every Sunday at 3pm – you and all the friends you know can freely enter to taste a flight of sustainably sourced coffees.

At the top of the hour, guests will experience the coffee relationship that Gimme! nurtures abroad, by means of a transparent tasting on its local grounds in Williamsburg. During the hour, enjoy the sights and sounds of a coffee beans in shop process while at this artisan espresso shop; measure, weigh, ground, time, pour over, bloom, pour over and then individually paper-cupped to your expectant palate.

This sensory experience of sipping notes from faraway is free.

Chérmelle D. Edwards is a Brooklyn-based writer, documentarian, coffeetographer™ & founder of the coffee culture web magazine smdlr.

Photo credit: Chérmelle D. Edwards for smdlr


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