Saturday, March 10th: Opening for HYPER/HYPO (Animal Collective DJs)

Secret Project Robot (389 Melrose St., Brooklyn)

In this month-long installation and group show curator Brad Truax turns the lens onto the artist and asks them to explore themselves and the way in which they make art. Are they…

HYPER overactive, active, energetic; busy, fidgety; excited, frantic, frenetic,frenzied, adrenalized, feverish; or Hypo- low, under, beneath, down, below normal.

The exploration of the state of mind of the artist will give incite into their work offering a glimpse at the creative process and the aesthetic accomplishments and styles which develop out of these different emotional states… It will be interesting to see if the viewer’s expectations correlate to how the artists actually approach their work- which in turn puts the lens onto the viewer, asking them to gauge their assumptions about the way in which they look at art.