Friday, March 9th: The Museum of Museums: The LES Comes to Crown Heights

The Museum of Museums: The LES Comes to Crown Heights
LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)
Suggested donation

New York City has a world-class set of cultural institutions, but it is widely agreed that to take it all in would be a superhuman endeavor. That is why the Levy’s Unique New York is offering for one night only, the chance to absorb the highest quality exhibits on art, history, science and car service. And all for free. The LaunchPad will be hosting the Museum of Museums, where one can explore the microscopic world of amoebas, be thrown into the past by the City Reliquary’s traveling suitcase of antiquity and experience the world-renowned Museum of Car Service, inside and out. The main exhibit will be a documentary featuring Rev Jen, the highly revered yet inflammatory Lower East Side Art Star who may be one of New York’s last remaining eccentrics. This film provides the inimitable opportunity to vicariously create mystifying works of art, travel to exotic European cities, get sloshed on wine and visit the only Troll Doll Museum in the world. The Quest for Cameltoe runs sixty-four minutes and will begin promptly at 9:30pm. Doors open at 8pm. Works by TJ Hospodar, Wendy Chan, Jason Thompson and the City Reliquary. Wine and cheese will be served. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated.