Tuesday, March 6th: NerdNYC Board Game Night

NerdNYC Board Game Night
Think Coffee (248 Mercer St., Manhattan)

If you have game you want to play, bring it with you! If not, come down anyway and play what others have brought. No experience with the games is necessary!

Enjoy the company of your fellow nerds and eat delicious foodstuffs! Think Coffee also sports an excellent wine and beer bar!

Please Note:

– No experience is necessary to play! The rules of each game can be taught.
– Conversely, if you bring a game, please be prepared to teach it to new players.
– Table space at Think Coffee is always at something of a premium. We do the best we can, but it is probably better to avoid bringing games that require lots of table space, or ones that take more than 3 hours to finish. Save those games for other events like Recess!