Saturday, March 3rd: The Purim Ball: Your Homentaschen Are Killing Me!

The Purim Ball
Industry City (220 36th St., Brooklyn)
$12-20 sliding scale

On Saturday, March 3rd 2012 the Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee and a coterie of celebrity brass bands, rock stars, Yiddishy supernovas, cabaret singers, activists, and jesters of all stripes present a very ancient, yet totally contemporary Purim masquerade Ball.

The Purim Ball (Your homentaschen are killing me!) is an original work of art grounded in the traditional pan-Jewish practice of staging transgressive folk plays re-enacting the scroll of Esther, and delivering a fanciful, somewhat drunken but always profound, critique of power. At the heart of the event is a glittering original handmade Purim Shpiel. Expect oversize costumes and puppets, dazzling sets, the drag will be high, low and medium, and the age and gender spectrum will runneth over. Many of the languages of our kingdom of Shushan, NYC will be spoken.