Marco Cappelli & IDR (Italian Doc Remix)
Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn)

IDR is the result of the artistic exchange between Marco Cappelli and Jim Pugliese, whose mutual reverence for the villages’ ritual music brought them to the following statement: reflect the process of memory’s distortion of the second/third immigrantes generation, living in the New Yorker cultural melting pot with a strong traditional background, and give back to the audience a music at the same time far from the original source – for geographic, chronological and cultural reasons – and full of tradition’s elements: impossibile to fit in any conventional standard.

IDR feat: Marco Cappelli, guitars, Doug Wieselman, clarinets, Jose Davila, trombone and tuba, Ken Filiano, double bass, Jim Pugliese, drums, Special Guest: DJ Logic, turntables and many others TBA