Wednesday, February 29th: 3rd Annual NYC Fun-A-Day Show

3rd Annual NYC Fun-A-Day Show
Tip Top Bar & Grill (432 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)

Join us for the 3rd Annual Fun-A-Day Show to see and hear how your fellow New Yorkers kept themselves creative, frivolous and adventurous during February with this month-long festival of daily delights.

What is Fun-A-Day? The concept is simple: Commit to doing one fun thing a day and do it. Then, at the end of the month, tell everyone what you did. February can be harsh in New York. This year, over one hundred New Yorkers made the Fun-A-Day commitment to do something fun every day. One made new music everyday. One ate a different cheese everyday. One, in honor of Leap Year, leaped over something everyday. What else will be revealed at this year’s show?