Monday, February 27th: Open City Dialogues: Amazonia Dream

Open City Dialogues: Amazonia Dream
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Half a century ago, renowned LIFE photographer Cornell Capa ventured into the Peruvian jungle to document the Amahuaca, an indigenous community then thought to be at the brink of extinction. Published in 1961, Capa’s images were the last visual references of Amahuaca culture…until now. Fifty years later Katherine Needles has retraced Capa’s steps into the heart of the Amazon to recapture Capa’s subjects, in the process discovering a thriving—if altered—community. Now, with the Peruvian government contracting with international energy companies to extract crude oil on Amahuaca land, these people’s enduring but embattled story enters a new chapter. Documented at a crucial time, Katherine’s images are a mirror of Capa’s pioneering work, and a window into Amahuaca culture before irreversible damage is done.