Sunday, February 26th: Say What!? NYC Comedy Improv: We Do the Oscars!

Say What!? NYC Comedy Improv: We Do the Oscars!
Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston St., Manhattan)
Less than $10

Say What!? NYC Comedy Improv: Academy Award Edition: Director’s Cut: Part IV: The Big Score: Parte DOS: Boogaloo Electrico: “This time, it’s personal checks your body can’t cash… chicken flavored bourbon!”

Come join us once again for yet another edition of Say What!? NYC Comedy Improv. This week we’ll be tackling serious issues like: WAR HORSES that study THE DARK ARTS under THE TREE OF LIFE, while watching a TRANSFORMing ARTIST reminisce about his DESCENDANTS, who hung out for a WEEK WITH MARILYN and an IRON LADY, who liked to DRIVE. We’ll probably reference some movies from last year too.

We couldn’t get Billy Crystal to host, but we got two funny hot chicks instead. Sevans Martinez and Emily O’ Connor, along with: Adam Murphy, Jesus Martinez, Kevin Voss, Tara Bennekemper for good measure.

So come join us it’ll be a hoot!