Monday, February 20th: Is Multiculturalism Failing? Xenophobia’s Political and Cultural Roots

Is Multiculturalism Failing?
Institute for Public Knowledge (20 Cooper Square, 5th Fl., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP requested

In both Europe and United States, anti-immigrant language and ideology is increasingly present in both debate and policy. This line of thinking boils many–if not all–social problems down to ‘cultural difference.’

This panel addresses current complexities of anti-immigrant and xenophobic discourses and practices in Europe and the United States. Distinguished speakers include Professor Seyla Benhabib, Professor Andrea Büchler, and Professor Susanna Mancini. Professor David Ludden, Professor of History at NYU, will respond to the panel presentations and Dr. Karina Horsti, a visiting scholar with NYU’s Media Culture and Communication Department, will introduce the panel.