Sunday, February 19th: Presentation Party Night + Free Beer

Presentation Party Night
815B Seneca Ave., Brooklyn*
Free, potluck dish contributions appreciated

• The Voyage of St. Brendan
• Love and War in the Italian Renaissance
• Cuba: Improvisation in the Face of an American Blockade
• Oil Fracking
• Generation “Girl Power”
• Healthcare Reform

Presentation Party Night is a lecture series combining a love of community, education, food and drinking. We offer the chance for people to share knowledge and skills and spark group discussion.

As always, the evening will consist of 6 short educational and entertaining presentations followed by Q&A, with free beer and food while it lasts.

The event is traditionally held potluck style. Please feel free to bring a dish to share and BYOB if you can. Let me stress that THIS IS A FREE EVENT and no one is required to bring anything if they don’t feel like it, but the more we share the more we have, the better the party will be.

* Special note about the location:
The address is 815B Seneca Ave., at the corner of Seneca and Cornelia. You have to enter on the Cornelia side, under the sign that says “KARATE.” We will be on the second floor.