Saturday, February 18th: Dre Day NYC with Open Bar

Dre Day NYC
Tammany Hall (152 Orchard St., Manhattan)
10-11pm open bar
$10 for the first 100, $15 after


Longing for some summer sun has us prematurely breaking out every Cali classic we own…but while temperatures may be dropping toward zero, that doesn’t mean you have to stash The Chronic in your drawer just yet.

It’s Dr Dre’s Birthday and we’re throwing down at Tammany Hall, all night Saturday night.

Expect some massive beats and a free BULLDOG Gin (and juice) open bar 10-11pm

your Dre Day experience is brought to you by:

Nick Hook * Michna * Project Matt and very very special guests.

the first 100 tickets are $10 then it goes up to $15 so GRAB THEM NOW.