Saturday, February 18th: Closing Reception for ‘007 Urban Songline’ Playable Storefront

007 Urban Songline
Storefront for Art and Architecture (97 Kenmare St., Manhattan)

Storefront for Art and Architecture presents 007_Urban_Songline by Allard van Hoorn from . The exhibition is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York and continues his series of works that explore the tradition of Songlines through a site-specific, newly commissioned work that literally transforms the Acconci/Holl façade into a sound instrument.

The origin of Songlines [or Dreaming Tracks] can be traced to Australian indigenous systems for navigation and caretaking of land achieved by mapping space through the creation of music based on the topography of land. Throughout the duration of 007_Urban_Songline, van Hoorn will create a series of Dreaming Tracks utilizing the changing morphology of the Storefront façade and the sounds emerging from the urban sonic context of the gallery.

The installation consists of an interwoven network of strings throughout the façade and the gallery space that transforms the facade into an interactive, responsive musical instrument. Storefront’s façade contains 12 panels that pivot vertically or horizontally to open the entire length of the gallery directly onto the street. When a panel of the façade moves, the strings physically activate the totality of the façade and acoustically transform the space of the gallery making the different spatial transformations audible for visitors. Visitors become performers and are encouraged to manipulate the installation as they transcend the space by moving the panels of the façade and stretching and playing the fields of strings with their bodies, thus constructing and transforming the acoustic and visual topography of Storefront. The project allows the visitor to experiment on an architectural scale the connection between sound, tension, materiality and space.