Williamsburg Fashion Weekend
Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn)
8pm doors, 9pm start

The 10th season of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is here, and we are continuing our commitment to giving a platform to designers who push the envelope with their designs, as well as their business practices.

The designers, who come from all over the world, uncorrupted by corporate agendas, are creating clothes inspired by their own inner vision and passion, which makes their clothes, works of art. However, the clothes and the shows are extremely different from each other, since the designers’ approaches to fashion differ. Art and fashion intermingle to create unexpected outcomes, from ready-to-wear to pure conceptual art pieces. Designers who show their collections at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend are encouraged to use their artistic visions and veer away from the classic runway format. Various artistic mediums are used to punctuate the viewer’s experience. Responsible business practices are as important to Williamsburg Fashion Weekend’s designers as the design itself. Past participants have used recycling, upcycling, sustainable and fair trade fabrics as well as local manufacturing to ensure that their clothes and businesses contribute to the well-being of global and local communities.

The first 100 attendees each night will receive a gift bag courtesy of Arrojo Cosmetology School

Friday February 17th:
Melissa Lockwood (IQTEST) with live acoustic set by Yinka Oyewole (SABATTA)
Andrea Diodati
Mark Tauriello
Hannah Peyser for Restler

FAN-TAN will close the night with a fashionable set…

Saturday February 18th:
Marco Santaniello
Uta Brauser/Kaliptus (Evolve Wear, Digi Skins)
Nathalie Kraynina
Laura Brook Texter
Stephanie Hinson

DJ sets by Justice Marchi