Friday, February 17th: 3D Moon Slideshow

The Moon and Its Closest Associates: A 3-D Slideshow with 3-D Legend Gerald Marks
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

The Moon and its relationship to our earth has been a prominent feature in the work of artist Gerald Marks for the past four decades. Tonight, join this 3-D legend and former San Francisco Exploratorium artist in residence for an all 3-D ode to our dear satellite. Some of the images premiered at Marks’ 2000 presentation at the American Museum of Natural history as part of their “Rockets in Sprockets” festival, honoring the first anniversary of the new Rose Center for Earth & Space. Also included will be Marks’ panoramic 3-D images of New York City, taken during the January 2001 Lunar Eclipse, from the top of the World Trade Center.