Wednesday, February 15th: A Sweet, Sexy (and Somewhat Pervy) Evening with Carol Queen

A Sweet, Sexy (and Somewhat Pervy) Evening
Bluestockings (172 Allen St., Manhattan)
$5 suggested

Celebrate a post-Valentine’s night of sexy and sometimes smutty prose with the inimitable Carol Queen. Erotic author and sex-positive activist Queen reads from her diverse body of work, celebrating sexual love of many flavors. She’ll discuss her take on the sexological importance of erotic literature. Carol Queen got a PhD in sexology so she could impart more realistic detail to her smut. A noted essayist, Queen has also authored/edited a dozen books, including “Exhibitionism for the Shy,” “Real Live Nude Girl,” and “PoMoSexuals.” She lives in San Francisco, where she founded the Center for Sex & Culture and has spent the past 21 years working at Good Vibrations.