Tuesday, February 14th: The PIT Dating Game

The PIT Dating Game
The People’s Improv Theater (123 E. 24th St., Manhattan)
$10, advance purchase suggested

This Valentine’s Day dump the cliche cards, stale chocolates, and those ridiculous stuffed animals that make noises when you smack them, and head out to The PIT for the annual Valentine’s Day PIT Dating Game. Three hot New York singles will ask outrageous questions to determine which of our hilarious PITizens will be their Valentine. The winners get a date and the losers get prizes that are way too inappropriate to mention here!

Two winning couples from past PIT Dating Games have gone on to get married and have babies!! What will we come up with this year? Only time will tell…

But you can bet it’s going to be a fantastic night of laughing at other people and ignoring our own relationship problems!