Friday, February 10th & Saturday, February 11th: CULTUREMART 2012: ‘Keep Your Electric Eye On Me’

CULTUREMART 2012: Keep Your Electric Eye On Me
HERE (145 Sixth Ave., Manhattan)
8:30pm both days
$15 in advance

A solitary woman dwells in an otherworldly landscape — messianic rock star, space explorer, spectral guide – where she inhabits a defunct satellite adrift in a decaying technological oasis. In this hermetic dream world, quiet moments are punctuated with bursts of raucous energy as cryptic signals are transmitted via live feed cameras, projections and sound devices. Part video installation, interactive media lab and live performance, Keep Your Electric Eye On Me explores the malleable conception of the self in an era of cyber communication, engaging notions of loneliness, paranoia and the desire for the unattainable.