Through Saturday, February 11th: ‘The Wild Finish’

The Wild Finish
ABC No Rio (156 Rivington St., Manhattan)
8pm weeknights, 9pm Saturday
$10-15 in advance

On a snowy Easter Sunday, Monica embarked on a bicycle journey across the vodka-soaked roads of Poland in search of the man who haunts her, a man of power, genius, fame and violence; her grandfather. Along her path, she squats and pogos with anarchist punks in old factories, barely escapes a knifing by Neo-Nazis, hides in churches and is hypnotized in a para-theatrical workshop. You will be led by many eccentric guides through this surreal landscape; a mohawked bike messenger, the ghost of a Norwegian bride, a girl with a third eye and your bewildered hostess, Monica Dudárew Ossetynska Hunken, heiress to cult and Slavic royalty.

Written and Performed by Monica Hunken
Directed by Melissa Chambers
Lights and Technical Direction by Evan True
Sound by Xana Chambers and Benjamin Cerf

Presented by the Polish Cultural Institute and Culture Project’s Women Center Stage