Tuesday, February 7th: Crappy Cinema Council: Sex Scenes + Free Whiskey

Crappy Cinema Council: Sex Scenes
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)
9pm doors

Our theme this month is sex scenes, and oh man is it gonna get weird. Robot sex, puppet sex, snowman sex, creepy sex, action sex… basically, say goodbye to your boner forever.

ZACHARIAH DURR (Yesterday’s Breakfast)
CALISE HAWKINS (Reverse Astronaut)
MIKE LAWRENCE (The Cleveland Library Card)
NORE DAVIS (Impeccable Sanchez)
PAT DIXON (Peapod Style)

hosted by TEAM JIM (The French Salad / Otto Von Jizzmarck)

Complimentary Buffalo Trace whiskey at the bar from 9-9:30. So show up and drink free whiskey, dummies!