Saturday, February 4th: Nerdlesque VIII: The Fast and the QWERTYest

Nerdlesque VIII: The Fast and the QWERTYest
Brick Theater (575 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn)

These are the days of miracle and wonder, of lasers in the jungle, of just-in-time inventory management, and they demand a nerd-themed burlesque equal to the needs of the modern frantic fellow or gal-on-the-go. Enter NERDLESQUE VIII. Our crack geek squad features some of the New York burlesque scene’s hottest, most ferociously intelligent men and women, each of them with a minimum typing speed of 85 wpm.1

On February 4, these keyboard cats will play you off with gusto at Williamsburg’s Brick Theater. So come power up your warp drive, double-check your carpal-tunnel-immobilizing splints, and experience the tantalizing geekfest that is NERDLESQUE.

to be followed by multiple games of STRIP OPERATION!