Wednesday, February 1st: Rare Race Films & Richard Pryor with Kings County Cinema Society

Rare Race Films & Richard Pryor
Freddy’s Bar (627 5th Ave., Brooklyn)

KCCS is doing another month of screenings for Black History Month, starting with a trip down racially insensitive memory lane: our friend and Park Slope film archivist Movie Mike and the Black Film Preservation Society’s Walter Taylor present rarely-seen 16mm film on the big screen in Freddy’s Backroom. Prepare to be awed by a deluge of political incorrectness as Movie Mike and Mr. Taylor unspool buried race cartoons and one-reelers time forgot.

Show includes Mike’s reel of ’30s era Race Cartoons, ’50s TV adventure Ramar of the Jungle, and Walter’s reel of Hollywood clips titled Great Ladies of Jazz, chock full of choice vocals. We’ll wrap with a performance film of standup by Richard Pryor. All on crisp celluloid.

From Movie Mike: “ We must keep a historical perspective when viewing this stuff, using film as time travel to visit our cultural past. We’ll experience social, cultural and political attitudes that time forgot! To understand where we are now, we must see where we have been… If you are sensitive, this stuff may hurt your feelings. Try to remember, history is not what we wish it to be, it is what it is, and it ain’t cute!”