Saturday, January 28th: Slap Dash Presents…Parents Just Don’t Understand

Slap Dash Presents…Parents Just Don’t Understand
LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)
Less than $10

Slap Dash is a monthly series that brings together different art forms for a semi-cohesive mixed-media extravaganza.

Put aside your grown-up responsibilities and aspirations, and get down with your inner child for a night of art that celebrates childhood. We’re screening a collection of Sadie Benning’s teenage videos shot on a Fisher Price Pixelvision camera. Then, get your dance on with the (in)famous hip-hop/syth-pop stylings Apple Jackzzzzz. And so much more fun!!!

Home brewed beer provided by Honest Pete’s Fine Ales & Dependable Lagers! This month: Graham Cracker Beer!