Saturday, January 28th: Art Hack Day

Art Hack Day
319 Scholes (319 Scholes St., Brooklyn)

Art Hack Day is an event dedicated to cracking open the process of art making, with special reverence toward open-source technologies. Between January 26-28, artists and collaborators will inhabit 319 Scholes to create and explore the participatory nature of technology, bringing together hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is technology. The event will be streamed to online audiences, who will be encouraged to participate through various platforms to be listed on the website. Visitors are invited to engage and interact with the projects online throughout the hack, as well as join the teams on Saturday night starting at 7:00pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and a massive party.

Confirmed participants include: Slava Balasanov, Nick Barr, Paul Christophe, Hethre Contant, Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, Jonathan Dahan, Alex Ehlke, Aidan Feldman, Timothy Fitz, Matt Ganucheau, James George, Ashley Granata, Lara Grant, Sarah Grant, Adam Harvey, Ted Hayes, Mary Huang, Ekene Ijeoma, Nova Jiang, Jeremiah Johnson, Josh Keay, Quin Kennedy, Justin Kerr Schekler, Arkadiy Kukarkin, Gene Kogan, Leonhard Lass, Ezer Longinus, Marko Manriquez, Olof Mathé, Dave Mauro, Avery Max, Kyle McDonald, Aaron Meyers, Sean McIntyre, Eric Mika, Cullen Miller, Rui Pereira, Reed & Rader, Marcel Schobel, David Stolarsky, Olov Sundström, Christopher Stumm, Jonathan Vingiano, Johannes Wagener, Eric Wahlforss, Conrad Whelan, Dan Wilcox, Jamie Wilkinson, Chris Woebken, Alice Wong, Sofy Yuditskaya, Ashley Zelinskie, Andrey Zhukov, and Tamar Ziv.