Friday, January 27th: ‘Lost Horizon’ Screening with Michael Kupperman + Free Admission to the Rubin

Lost Horizon
Rubin Museum of Art (150 W. 17th St., Manhattan)
9:30pm (free admission to the museum from 6-10pm)
Free with $7 bar minimum

Introduced by graphic artist Michael Kupperman

Why you have to be here:

1. This is the infamous film which sundered the Burt Bacharach and Hal David songwriting partnership

2. As Bette Midler said, “I never miss a Liv Ullmann musical!”

3. See more non-singing actors in a musical than ever assembled before or since: John Gielgud, Peter Finch, Sally Kellerman, Olivia Hussey, Michael York, George Kennedy, Charles Boyer and Liv Ullmann.