Monday, January 23rd: Russian Tongue: The Photographs of Sasha Rudensky

Russian Tongue: The Photographs of Sasha Rudensky
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Can one ever go home again? The unanswered question is the subject of Sasha Rudensky’s photographs, which trace the broken lines of family, culture, and identity to portray her former Russian homeland. Since immigrating to the US as a child, Sasha has returned frequently to Russia to document the eroding idols of communism and national identity as they have been displaced by a swelling tide of capitalist individualism. Statues of Lenin, abandoned parks, and intimate portraits of family and friends create a narrative that shows a society in the awkward gestures of shrugging off its past, yet unable to fully relinquish its history. Sasha will be presenting her work and describing its progression from documentary street scenes to staged tableaux that reveal the theatre of the everyday.