Saturday, January 21st: BOOMBOX PARTY NYC

Location TBA the night before
Free, all ages, rain or shine

The world’s funnest spontaneous street party is coming for you!

The DDP is a portable, battery-powered Party System. It was invented by Tom and Gary, two lifelong friends from Vancouver. It consists of thousands of Party people, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing an FM radio transmitter.

All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system. This portable dance Party roams the night, generating complete awesomeness, street by street and block by block, onto buses and subways, into public fountains and beyond. Inevitably interfacing with the public, together we create an infectious epidemic of fun. A roaming Party adventure that lasts all night long!

This is the Strictly Business Tour. That means you MUST wear Business Attire (suits, ties, cufflinks, glasses, nice shoes, sexy skirts, gel that hair, etc) and bring along as much business paraphernalia as possible (wheeled office chairs, briefcases, rolodexes, calculators, coffee machines+mugs, water coolers, filing cabinets, etc.

WE NEED BOOMBOXES: If you can donate a boombox, please e-mail with BOOMBOX in the subject.

Beach balls, balloons, mini trampolines, hula hoops, jump ropes, ROLLERBLADES, razor scooters, sound systems, Party lights, Large Cumbersome Objects To Party With, musical instruments, etc!