Sunday, January 15th: Santiago Stelley & The Wonderful Horrible Life of VICE

Santiago Stelley: The Wonderful Horrible Life of VICE
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested

VICE Magazine, now headquartered nearby in Williamsburg, has grown from a fringe counter culture zine to a global youth brand. Their online television network is one of the most frequented destinations in online video. Focusing on short and medium form journalism, they report on popular and counter culture, often bringing to light fantastic and under told stories from around the world. They navigate terrain from traditional journalism, hosted serial programs, and branded content.

Much of the network’s success is a result of the provocative documentaries produced by Santiago Stelley. He has covered Somali refugees in Kenya, transvestite mosques in Thailand, bestiality in Colombia, and hallucinogenic frogs in the Amazon, to name a few.

Stelley will be presenting highlights of his work in company with collaborators for a discussion on chasing the white whale and the ever evolving world of Vice Media.

Curated with Matt Yoka.