Sunday, January 15th & Friday, January 20th: ‘Passions Just Like Mine’ Screenings

Passions Just Like Mine
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)
15th: 7:30pm
20th: 9:30pm

Morrissey: Genius. Legend. Latino Icon? This heartfelt documentary about LA Hispanics and how their lives have been touched by the British pop star Morrissey demonstrates the power of music to cut across nations, cultural boundaries and generational gaps.

Director Kerri Koch gets in close with the devoted fans- providing a powerful portrait of the transformative journeys that can occur when eighteen-year-old Mexican immigrants become obsessed with a forty-five-year-old, second-generation Irishman they’ve never met.

With peeks inside the world of Smiths tribute shows, fan conventions and unbridled geekdom, this loving snapshot is a must for any Moz fan.