Saturday, January 14th & Sunday, January 29th: ‘Vinyl’ Screenings

Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn) 1
7:30pm both days

Records are life – the rest just gets in the way.

Alan Zweig’s brilliant investigation into the world of obsessive record collectors is a painfully funny and honest first-hand account of what drives our hoarding habits. Warning: Some scenes may prove shockingly familiar to anyone who has ever had to rearrange their living spaces in order to accommodate for overflowing LPs.

Between interviews with his subjects (including Harvey Pekar and Guy Maddin), Zweig turns the camera on himself in order to better understand how his hobby has intruded on his own life. Besides a bevy of memorable characters (one collector boasts of owning over a million records and claims to have memorized the track listing on every single album), Zweig presents himself and his flaws so openly that it’s impossible not to understand what would possess someone to buy a box full of 60s easy-listening records.