Friday, January 13th & Friday, January 27th: ‘OZ’ Screenings

Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)
13th: 9:30pm
27th: 7:30pm

Conceived during the late 70s goldrush of off-beat musicals like Rocky Horror and Xanadu, this bodacious re-imagining of the classic L. Frank Baum tale is a rock-‘n’-roll homage, Down Under style.

In this version, Dorothy is a blond 16-year-old rock groupie on a pilgrimage to see the farewell performance of The Wizard- an androgynous, Ziggy Stardust-esque rock god. Along the way, she encounters a brainless surfer, a heartless mechanic, and a cowardly biker, all while being pursued by a wicked trucker hellbent on rape!

Packed to the brim with a souped-up glam rock soundtrack and beautiful Outback photography, this take on Baum’s book could only have come out during the 70s. In what other version are you going to see Dorothy smoking dope in a wet t-shirt?