Thursday, January 12th: Warper Party at the Clocktower Gallery with DJ Shakey

Warper Party
The Clocktower Gallery (108 Leonard St., 13th Fl., Manhattan)

Artist, producer, DJ, and audio explorer Julie Covello aka DJ Shakey is in residency at the Clocktower Gallery, and her project will culminate this Thursday, January 12th, 2012, from 6pm to 9pm with a major Warper Party event.

Two dozen electronic musicians, video artists, and electronic experimenters will invade the galleries, project studios, hallways and secret corners of the famed Clocktower Gallery for a three-hour marathon of gadgets, beats, hybrid forms, and other circuit-bending, mind-expanding music and images.

DJ Shakey is a legendary personality in the dance music scene, and a founder of the roaming Warper Party community of audio innovators. Musicians involved in this event include Walter, Maxx Klaxon, David Linton, Dok Gregory, Kelvin Daly, Honeychild Coleman, No Use For Humans, Greything, VJ Doctor Mojo, Atom, Banginclude, Friendly Knowledge, Radio Wonderland, Tsunami Bass Experience, Liquid Light Lab, The Sperm Whale, Permian Strata, Exaltron, Moldover, and I Feel Awesome.