Saturday, January 7th: Bouchra Khalili: Mapping Journeys, Tracing Narratives

Bouchra Khalili: Mapping Journeys, Tracing Narratives
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

This screening presents selections from Mapping Journey and Straight Stories. In these short films, Khalili molds the narratives of individual journeys to portray the startling terrain of routes and passage, of stories that are rarely shown.

In these works the clandestine nature of the journeys are a given as individuals narrate and configure the relationship of their journey to the places they inhabit and subsequently navigate.

The discussion will address the techniques Khalili uses to convey the porous boundaries of the filmic medium. In what ways do aesthetics transform and reconfigure according to medium (including film, visual art and installation)? To what extent can personal narratives be stretched and adapted to these various forms?