Free Office Furniture and Supplies for Non-Profits

NYC Wastematch is a free service, created and funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation, which facilitates the exchange of used and surplus goods and equipment from organizations that no longer need them to other entities that do.

NYC WasteMatch keeps valuable resources out of the waste stream while offering clients an opportunity to save money and lower their environmental impact. Our clients include New York City businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Please see below for a list of furniture from an office clear-out that just became available and needs a home.

Office desks–10
rolling office chairs–11
upright office chairs – 3
5 drawer file cabinets – 3
2 drawer file cabinets – 2
6 foot high book shelves – 5
rolling computer desk with 3 shelves- 1
metal rolling carts – 2
6 foot folding table with metal legs-1
solid oak dining room style chairs – 3
convertible sofa – 1
sofa – 1
microwave – 1
coffee maker – 6 cup size – 1 office fridge – 1
wicker coffee table – 1
metal racks for books, boxes etc – 6
small low side wooden table – 1 wooden 2 shelf high book case – 2
metal stand for hanging up coats = 1
computers – 4
metal racks for video gear-2

Contact NYC Wastematch for more information.