Daily: Badass Indoor Badminton at Park Here

Badass Badminton
Openhouse Gallery (201 Mulberry St., Manhattan)

Park Here is an escape clause to the winter contract, and we’re opening it back up for the new year. Open daily from noon to 8 with all the park perks like warm sunny weather, plush grass, blazing fast WiFi, big Fatboy hammocks, bean bags and picnic blankets.

Thursday, we bring the shuttlecocks. That’s right: Badminton at the park! We’ve got 16” ceilings so might as well take advantage, right? Come down to play during your lunch break or after work. The festivities start at noon, and so do the wonderfully fresh Lizzmonade and Pig Out Baked Goods stands.

Friday through Sunday, we’ve got Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, Filled With Sweets, Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar and The Jam Stand to keep your energy up between badminton matches.