Saturday, December 31st: CHERYL: STUDIO 2012 ft. Midnight Magic

CHERYL: STUDIO 2012 ft. Midnight Magic
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)
$20 in advance, 21+

CHERYL, the dance party that will ruin your life, will be coming by to host our NYE celebration. CHERYL! Plus, we’ve recruited Midnight Magic to perform at 12:00. They are factually one of the most fun, awesome live bands in NYC right now and it somewhat blows our mind that this combo is how we’ll be welcoming 2012: year of total destruction / eventual rebuilding of a utopian, cat-faced, fake-blood covered, society in which all money is replaced by NYC Peech Boys 12″s (yes, that is the plan).

As you may know, Saturday, December 31 is the last recorded day of the ancient Mayan calendar, so think Apocalyptic Disco. Cacao Conquistadors. Mesoamerican bottle service. Warring city states and cat-fights between models. Join them at STUDIO 2012, the hottest club north of Chichen Itza, known for its exclusive and often fatal door policies.

Once you make it past the velvet rope and ascend the stone steps to the ancient pyramid club doors, expect pre-Columbian mirror balls, psychoactive mushroom clouds, cocaine spoons made of clay and jade, polyester loincloths and golden platform heels, sacrificial offerings on the light-up disco floor, Liza Minelli wearing Bianca Jagger as a jumpsuit, maize, and a horn section (of course).