Sunday, December 18th: Badass Bingo Fundraiser for Rescue Dogs

Badass Bingo Fundraiser for Rescue Dogs
$5 bingo games

Our very first fundraiser! Did you know we’ve pulled 70 dogs since starting to rescue and foster this year? And that comes with some heavy duty vet, boarding, transportation bills. Not to mention the leashes that seem to go missing every time you turn around!

Some come on out and have some fun and know the $ you spend next Sunday afternoon will go to a good cause. We’ll have many fun ways to contribute! $1 skeeball, $5 bingo games and we’ll have a special hot and festive Badass drink.

We love doing what we do, but don’t know if we can sustain this endeavor unless we can get some help from you! So share this event, bring your friends and support our animal-lovin’ efforts.