Sunday, December 18th: 1st Annual Holiday Jamboree to Benefit New York Cares

1st Annual Holiday Jamboree
Drom (85 Avenue A, Manhattan)

As kids, we had school holiday concerts. The band would play, the choir would sing, and parents, teachers, and extended family would be brought together for an excruciating two hours of off- key carols and squeaky clarinets. The music was lacking but the sense of community and togetherness was strong. With the 1st Annual Holiday Jamboree (For Grownups), NYC is about to embark on a sleigh full of holiday cheer and goodwill.

From 8PM to 10PM, the evening will feature some of NYC’s hottest musical acts including, The Wellington Papers , The Shake , The Young Things, Seku Grey, and Jennifer Logue. In addition, Rhythmic Dance Group’s Alyona Vladova and Jonathan Cabrera will heat up the dance floor with their signature salsa moves followed by David Campos & Liz Zaita from Dança Comigo NYC performing African Zouk Tango. From 10PM to midnight, DJ Ivan Melnick spins feel- good tunes for a sweaty, messy dance party to close out the night on a high note.

To attend, your $10 donation is required.

There will also be a number of raffles featuring some of NYC’s best restaurants, designers, dance schools, and other local businesses to help the fundraising effort.
All proceeds from the door and raffle will benefit New York Cares’ year- round children’s programs and the Winter Wishes Program, running through mid- December, which delivers toys to 32,000 underprivileged kids in the New York area.