Sunday, December 17th: Vintage Tea & Swing Dancing Party on the Vintage NYC Subway Train

Vintage Tea & Swing Dancing Party on the Vintage NYC Subway Train
2nd Ave. Uptown M platform, Manhattan
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12pm: Swing Dancers Unite!
2pm: Tea Party for All!

Join NY’s First Family of Tour Guides and the NYC Swing Dancers for a back to back celebration of NYC’s old-timey train lines! On Saturday December 17th, lovers of swing dancing as well as dandies and debutantes with tea cozies and finger sandwiches will converge on the 2nd Avenue station to celebrate the Vintage Trains from the 1920s onwards! At 12:30pm, NYC Swing Dancers will occupy the subway cars and dance to live swing and dance music by some of NYC’s hottest Vintage Jazz Bands! Once the trains take off (at 12:57pm,) the dancing continues until the end of the line; thats when the train u-turns and comes back to the Easy Village.

Then at 2pm, join (non-political, non-aggro) tea partiers from around the city to enjoy a Vintage Tea party on the Vintage NYC Subway Trains. We will have thermoses of tea and cookies, but all chinaware, tea cozies, cucumber sandwiches, sugar cubes, cream, should come with you! Come dressed in your finest dandery, outrageous hats prefered and enjoy a communal tea party! When the train takes off (at 2:27pm,) so does the tea party! We’ll travel to the end of the line and then return to the East Village. Please remember that the MTA frowns upon open beverages, but generally smiles upon non-raucous, well-dressed revelers who take care of vintage wicker seats and 50’s-era subway ads.

Photo credit: rikomatic