Tuesday, December 13th: Rock in the USSR Films

Rock in the USSR
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

We’re pleased to announce the first of our two collaborations with Spectacle Theater rounding out the year 2011: a one-night exploration of the influence of Western rock-and-roll music on film in the Soviet Union through two films, one produced in 1960s Latvia and another in glasnost and perestroika-era Russia. Rock music filtered through the Iron Curtain unevenly and haltingly, yet had an influence that was undeniable and manifested itself in a number of interesting ways, including in these films. Programmed by Harry Merritt.

7:30pm: Četri Balti Krekli / Four White Shirts (1967; Latvian SSR; directed by Rolands Kalniņš)

9:30pm: Бакенбарды / Sideburns (1990; Russian SFSR; directed by Yuri Mamin)