Tuesday, December 13th: Green Drinks & Sustainable NYC 2011 Holiday Party & Swap

Green Drinks & Sustainable NYC 2011 Holiday Party
St. Nicholas Hall (155 Ave. A, Manhattan)
$15 in advance, includes open bar

SNACKS: From Raw Revolution and The Regal Vegan.

OPEN BAR: Beer has been lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery and Spirits from Milano Green Vodka. Sambazon and Zico Coconut Water to hydrate!

WIND: Bring your ConEdison bill, sign up for WIND power via ConEdison Solutions, and get a complimentary $10 Whole Foods gift card!

FABULOUS VENDORS: Mighty Wallets, Voltaic Systems, Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth Bags, Sustainable NYC, The Andean Collection, First World Trash, Pretty Monsters, Peace-Keeper Cause-Metics, Magpie Gee Gaws, Film Biz Recycling, Full Circle Home and more!
Purchases made in CASH preferred for vendors.

RAFFLE: $300 value Cosmetic Gift basket by
PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics and EcoSwim Swimwear by Aqua Green
CD bundle, t-shirt and vinyl signed by Musician Martin Sexton

SWAP: Clothes, coats, belts, accessories, jewelry, shoes, kitchen items, sports items, books, electronics, camping gear, cds and dvds, kids toys, baby items etc. Any items left will be donated to charity.