Repurposing NYCʼs Adscape with Posterboy
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Armed with nothing more than razor blades and Metrocards, the street-art collective known as “Poster Boy” peels back the layers of NYC Subway ads to create eye-popping collages that turn the medium and its message on its head. A founding member of the Poster Boy movement will be on hand (under the shelter of anonymity) to discuss the process and politics informing their subversive art and the dialogue of ownership it opens within public and privatized spaces. This special lecture will feature slides and videos of POSTER BOY’S work, as well as discussion of its legality and risk.

Poster Boy began his art casually as a response to boredom on the subway. He has since grown ever more addicted to fighting the omnipotentate of advertising using his trusty Box Cutter. At his last public appearance, Poster Boy was arrested at an art opening and sent to the slammer. We defy the police to catch him this time!